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why do u all idolize adults who act like children but only when theyre celebrities cuz u know its a 30 year old up the street who eats pizza pops for dinner daily but u wanna call him a fat loser yall fake as shit


*passive aggressive mom dramatically putting away dishes and denying help*

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people are following me probably thinking im cool

truth is 

you are completely right

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Creations from French Girls, an iPhone app where people draw portraits based on selfies of others. [via]

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Basketball is played not with your height but with your heart.

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hmu if u wanna date a piece of shit

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PRO: Get to puncture child with needle

CON: You have to go to a place

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i gave my dog a tortilla chip ten minutes ago and she won’t fucking eat it she’s just staring at me with it in her mouth 

she’s waiting for the salsa

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damn……..why people gotta be like ‘people who talk badly about others are just insecure of themselves and are trying to make themselves feel better’ nah bitch im not insecure im just trying to talk shit